Tire protection packages

We now offering Warranty Protection Plans with our Tires

We now have tire warranty packages available for purchase to protect your purchase and to never fear the road again.A purchase of our warranty package will protect you from Manufacturer defects, have an mileage tread wear protection and road hazard. tire warranty packages are offered for $40 per year (stack able up to 3 years) at time of purchase.



All tires sold by 2K Wheels are warrantied against defects in workmanship and materials and will be processed throughout the standard Manufacturer Limited Warranty policies and Procedures.  Qualifying tires sold by 2K Wheels considered to have a defect in a workmanship or materials will be replaced according to standard manufacturer limited warranty policies and procedure. End not covered under the 2K Wheels warranty. Please contact the manufacturer or request the 2K Wheels warranty summary for more information.



Select tires sold by 2K Wheels come with the limited millage tread wear warranty that protect the consumer against premature tread wear. if a tire reaches the end of its "usable tread life" before the stated kilometers warranty protection, the consumer will be issues the replacement tire from 2K Wheels on a prorated basis which mean the consumer will be responsible for a percentage of the replacement cost corresponding to the usage of the tire. in order to maintain the mileage tread wear warranty protection, all tires must be rotated according to the vehicle specification or at least every 10000 kilometers. Under all circumstances, the cost of mounting, balancing and any other service charges including applicable taxes, disposal fees are at the sole expense of the consumer.



2K Wheels offers a limited road hazard  replacement warranty program which applies to all tires sold by 2K Wheels, applying after any manufacturer road hazard replacement warranty program. this road hazard replacement warranty program applies only during the first 2/32nd of the original usable tread or 1 year from the date of purchase, which ever come first. 2K  Wheels will replace the un-repairable tire with the same or equivalent new tire. once the tire is worn beyond the first 2/32nd or more than 1 year from the date of purchase, this road hazard replacement warranty program is null and void.



2K Wheels offers 30- day trial customer satisfaction program which applies to select tires sold by 2K Wheels, Applying after any manufacturer trial program. If you are not satisfied with your new set of tires any time within the first 30 days of the purchase, please return to the original place of purchase where you will be entitled to a full credit towards a replacement set of tires sold by 2K Wheels at the original place of purchase. the original sales invoice mandatory for processing the 30- day trial customer satisfaction program.